Verena Stefanie

Personal Development Coach

Italian from Bassano del Grappa, lived in Barcelona, London and New York. Verena Stefanie utilizes the experience she got from living in all the different countries with different cultures  to create an open mind and a new vision for people.

She was recognized as one of the Indigo/Crystal Children by various psychics,  here to help others grow and develop into their higher selves.

She has never settled for less, since she realized the only blockage to our success is ourselves. She states that WE are the secret to our happiness and manifestation in life, as much as it is the Love for ourselves and others and the recognition of the ego.

"Life is nothing but a dream...that YOU can create!"

She has been working for 5 years as a Life Style Coach helping clients of all backgrounds, ages, nationality, and all industries, from finance to fashion, making changes to bring wellness and achievements of goals in their lives, reaching their ultimate goals.

Now she works as a coach for teams in companies to increase the productivity and develop talents.

She is professionally and personally committed to help you achieve all you always wanted to.

Verena Stefanie uses a deeper approach to the behavioral change in believing and thinking and a deeper connection to the self core using the psychic abilities and the professional skills.

Your thoughts become matter.