Akashic Records Reader

*In Italian and Spanish

Born in Italy, Simona lives between Ibiza and Milan.

After undertaking studies at the University, Simona decided to devote herself to illustrating children's books for many years, and teaching in the meantime at the school of arts in Milan.

Simona began a personal journey and worked on herself by exploring different paths of consciousness, which opened her to a spiritual dimension and a perception of life that led her to find her own destiny and purpose of channelling in the service of evolution and being human.

The two most important days of your life are the one that you were born and the one that you find out why”

Simona is the fantastic reader of Akashic Registers and facilitator in Family Constellations. both wonderful and sacred tools of sanction that allow it to make its contribution to the growth of awareness, helping those who need it, so that they can open their hearts, accept, transform, heal and advance.