We all know it is difficult to take control of our lives, but you know that your guts tell you it is time to do so.

There's that little feeling inside of you that knows you are meant for something more than this, and at the same time, environment, family, self-esteem, friends, limiting beliefs, your job, all plays a big role into not allowing yourself to take the big actions, or just THE action, that will allow you to feel free, emotionally, professionally and spiritually.

There's a fine line between wanting something and believing you can actually achieve it. And it is through the help of professionals at BYAES collective that you can build that gap.

We will help you to finally get to where you really want to in life. 

Through the discovery of yourself, and the professional help to create strategic plans of actions we will guide you to your most authentic self, in a journey inside and outside of your true self, to feel who you are meant to feel and be who you are meant to be.

You want to create or change a career, grow a business, or simply dive more into your spiritual journey of finding your purpose in this life, well my dear, you landed in the right place.

The Difference between an Idea and a Goal

is the ACTIONS you take.

Is this program for you?

You know where you want to go, and you want to create the step by step plan to get there.

You have tried to reach a goal for time now, and never accomplished to achieve it.

You know there is something more for you and you need guidance.

You feel stuck in your daily life, and you feel you need to find your purpose.

You have read all the books but you have a hard time putting all into ACTIONS.

You take care of everybody around you but you struggle to put yourself first.

You feel it is time to move forward but you always have that voice inside of you that tells you you are not good enough, or that other people do it better than you.

You know where you want to go, and you want to create the step by step plan to get there.

What it


The weekly coaching sessions are 1-1 with one of our Life or Personal Performance coaches. 

The first sessions will be a 1 hour and 30 minutes intake session. All other sessions will be 45 minutes, by phone or Zoom call.

We will help you set your goals and work on a strategic plan to achieve it/them, using your resources and your skills that you are still not aware of having.

Through the BYAES collective coaching journey you will be able to work on yourself or your business, you will create more awareness on what has been stopping you till now and your perceived reality and create a new mastermind to create abundance and success in your life.

By working on your energy flow and your blockages we will free your manifestation power and create a new way of seeing and creating your life, through the use of the Reiki energy healing session done by one of our professionals.

Highly suggested is to start with a Birth Chart reading as one of your monthly additional sessions, to have a clear understanding of yourself and your purpose. 

It's up to you now, do you want to make a change for yourself then take actions and click here below. Otherwise keep dreaming on what you would like to be/have/achieve.

Our Single   Sessions of

Spiritual Coaching

&   Guidance