The Fantastic 6


Verena Stefanie

Optimization & Personal Development Coach

Reiki Healer

Italian from Bassano del Grappa, lived in Barcelona, London and New York. Verena Stefanie utilizes the experience she got from living in all the different countries with different cultures  to create an open mind and a new vision for people.

She was recognized as one of the Indigo/Crystal Children by various psychics,  here to help others grow and develop into their higher selves.

She has never settled for less, since she realized the only blockage to our success is ourselves. She states that WE are the secret to our happiness and manifestation in life, as much as it is the Love for ourselves and others and the recognition of the ego.

"Life is nothing but a dream...that YOU can create!"

She has been working for 5 years as a Life Style Coach helping clients of all backgrounds, ages, nationality, and all industries, from finance to fashion, making changes to bring wellness and achievements of goals in their lives, reaching their ultimate goals.

Now she works as a coach for teams in companies to increase the productivity and develop talents.

She is professionally and personally committed to help you achieve all you always wanted to.

Verena Stefanie uses a deeper approach to the behavioral change in believing and thinking and a deeper connection to the self core using the psychic abilities and the professional skills.

Your thoughts become matter.


Astrologer and Birth Chart Reader

*in English

Born in 1941 of French-Canadian & Native American descent and a US Air Force veteran, Ray began his astrological career when he was introduced to the father of Humanistic and Transpersonal astrologer Dane Rudhyar in 1973.

"Being authentic is being spiritual"


He has been involved with astrology as a teacher, lecturer, counselor, and media for nearly 50 years. He has a world-wide following and clientele having been seen in various youtube and television appearances garnering more than 12 million views and over 6 thousand dedicated subscribers. Currently, he lives in Seattle Washington where he works as an astrological counselor.



Intuitive Spiritual Counsellor
Senior Tarot Reader *English

Catherine, originally from UK, is our Senior Tarot Reader and highly intuitive Psychic Medium with many decades of experience. She first started using her gifts to help friends and family and then worked as well for the Navy, helping people deal with any type of problems, traumas, additions etc. using her highly intuitive spiritual skills and counselling.

"Walk with Universe and the Universe will walk with you"

Through her highly intuitive psychic skills Catherine helps you through your life, giving you the guidance you need to move forward or to find your answers and also, she uses Angel and tarot cards, as divination as well as calling in her guides in order to gift you the most insightful, empathetic and direct reading.

Reiki and healing come along as a natural flow.

Working with Spirit and energy are her most precious gift and she would love to share this journey  with you. 



Tarot Reader *English and Spanish

Born in Washington DC from Persian origins, living in New York City Hooman is one of the beautiful souls that started reading tarot to friends to help them make clarity in their challenging moments.

Him as well, one of the Indigo/Crystal children, met with Verena in Barcelona in 2009 and they travelled together through their own personal development.

Hooman is here to make a difference and guide people to their higher self.

"There's a place within where all is know"

On a journey through his own spiritual path he came together with the collective to help people see the clarity and receive guidance through the cards. 


Akashic Records Reader

*In Italian and Spanish

Born in Italy, Simona lives between Ibiza and Milan.

After undertaking studies at the University, Simona decided to devote herself to illustrating children's books for many years, and teaching in the meantime at the school of arts in Milan.

Simona began a personal journey and worked on herself by exploring different paths of consciousness, which opened her to a spiritual dimension and a perception of life that led her to find her own destiny and purpose of channelling in the service of evolution and being human.

The two most important days of your life are the one that you were born and the one that you find out why”

Simona is the fantastic reader of Akashic Registers and facilitator in Family Constellations. both wonderful and sacred tools of sanction that allow it to make its contribution to the growth of awareness, helping those who need it, so that they can open their hearts, accept, transform, heal and advance.