This Collective was created by the mind and heart of Verena Stefanie Grotto, Optimization and Personal Development  Coach, Reiki energy healer/lightworker who, after going through a long journey of self development, spiritual, personal and especially professional, decided to bring this to the world and share the steps to help every single human being, to finally find success, alignment and empowerment.

Because we need something more than a 9-5 job, we are enough ourselves if we look inside of us, we have all the power, answers and tools to become who we really are, shining, and aligned with our life purpose, without guilt, fear or delays.

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The BYAES collective

is a place for

Personal, Professional and Spiritual Development.

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It merges the strength of Life Coaching together with a spiritual mentorship and Positive Psychology.

We believe every one has got the potential to achieve their goals in life, and manifest a life they desire, living up to the high standards you want. But everybody needs guidance and help, to create an action plan through professional coaching, challenging your limiting beliefs and working on your strengths and skills, and as well work on your spirituality, your own journey into your beliefs system and your higher self  to align with your life purpose and path.


A collective of Life Coaches, Spiritual Guides, Independent Thinkers and Personal Performance Coaches who, putting our experience and knowledge together, want to help each one of you to reach your higher potential, your goal, to live the life you always dreamt of and capable of.


Inspiring and elevating others.


Living instead of surviving.

Each one of the professionals, part of this collective, have been chosen to bring a full guidance, help and mastery in every aspect of life:

Goal Setters, Life Coaches, Spiritual Guides, Personal Development Coaches, Astrologers.

Because sometimes, we can't do it all alone.

We help people grow, personally, professionally and especially spiritually.

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