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Be Your Authentic

Elevated Self

You, My Dear, Have A Purpose You Were Meant To Fulfill.
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The BYAES collective is the house of the Spiritual Journey for Spiritual Badass Babes looking for guidance and direction towards the alignment to your true authentic self and your own awakening.

We are a collective of Life Coaches, Spiritual Intuitive Guides , Reiki Healers, Astrologers and Tarot Readers who got together to help your personal spiritual growth, bringing you all the tools under the same roof, so you have everything you need right here, right now.

We help you connect to your deeper self and your spiritual being to learn how to be the most authentic version of YOU and truly express yourself and manifest your life you know you can have.

We will help you go from lost, overwhelmed or misaligned, to be in empowerment, connect to your Intuition and the Divine and align with your Life Purpose or Dharma . 

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It's the Era to reclaim your own Divine Power. 

Freedom and permission to live life aligned as you. You will be helped to your personal awakening and invited to live life as your highest self for and by you.

Meet Your Healers

A Deeply Spiritual Collective Whose Passions Involve Truth, Awakening And Helping Others Finding Their Power Within.

Verena Stefanie

Life Coach & Reiki Healer

"Life is nothing but a dream.. that you can create"



Intuitive Spiritual Counsellor
Senior Tarot Reader

"Walk with Universe and the Universe will walk with you"




"Being Authentic is being Spiritual"



Tarot Reader

"There's a place within where all is known"



Akashic Reacords Reader

"There two most important days in your life, the day you were born and the day you find out why"

Our Podcast

Enter into a World of wisdom, guidance and knowledge that we bring to help you into your journey of discovery, growth and elevation. Our host and Optimization Coach Verena Stefanie, brings  you episode after episode, some of the deepest insight into the spiritual journey, the personal development and real talk about our reality, how to change the way we live and how to reprogram ourselves, to get ready to express our true and authentic self into this New Era.

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