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BYAES is a collective of Personal Development Coaches, Spiritual Guides and Intuitive counsellors who help you reach your Goals, professionally, personally and spiritually guiding you into a introspective journey of self discovery, creating new behavior patterns and help you unblock yourself, your mind or your business with new approaches and solutions, new ideas and resources, challenging you to grow and think outside the box and especially helping you find your highest potential. 

Differently from normal life coaching, we offer and work on reaching your Higher Potential, connecting to your deeper self to learn how to be the most authentic version of YOU.

Almost 80% of people can't reach their goals because of some mental blocks, often related to low self-esteem and lack of self knowledge. That low self esteem  was created by past experiences, familiar schemes, or external influences etc.that we work on eliminating and recreating a new thought pattern.

Ready to be Authentic and manifest your own life.

Create Abundance

Be Authentic 

Create New Patterns

Achieve Your Goals


1. Knowing who you TRULY are

3. Knowing HOW to get to your goal

2. Knowing your WHYs

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Areas we focus on during session

Business Coaching 

 We help you set the steps to create your business or get unstuck in what you have already established, based on your resources and availabilities. If you want to take yourself and your brand to new heights our coaching helps with guidance and action plans. We help you create a personalized strategy plan for your goals to create an authentic, elevated business.

Spirituality Coaching

We, as professional Spiritual Guides, will help you find out more about yourself, your TRUE self, your whys, and how to get aligned with your path, through a beautiful journey into YOU, addressing current blocks and beliefs system, and discovering new ways, practices and especially answers to allow you become your Authentic Elevated Self and create a life of manifestation and abundance.

Life Coaching

We will work together through your limiting beliefs, and behavioral patterns that have stopped you to achieve what you want, in your life. This is related to personal life, relationships, emotions, career, and how you are the only one who can create your own abundance through learning to be authentic and find your real power within, because what stops all of us is the wrong idea we have of ourselves.


When you want to move forward in life.

When you want to find your path or understand it better.

When you know you can reach a goal but you need guidance to create an action plan.

You need to develop your higher potential.


Meet The Team

Verena Stefanie

Life Coach & Reiki Healer

"Life is nothing but a dream.. that you can create"


Life Coach

"We are who we think"




"Being Authentic is being Spiritual"


Akashic Reacords Reader

"There two most important days in your life, the day you were born and the day you find out why"

Schermata 2020-03-24 alle 19.33.08.png


Tarot Reader

"There's a place within where all is known"


Tarot Reader & Psychic

"What you seek is seeking you"



“Life Coaching with Verena has been the best coaching I have ever worked with. She clearly cares immensely that her clients are happy and healthy and that their pursuit of improvements is reached”

— Christian Hodell, CEO Hamilton&Hodell

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Because we understand the need to change and express your real self, your authenticity and your need of create something out of this, we created this program to guide you step by step.

Work weekly with our coaches. Discover and Develop your potential. Create awareness. Unlock your manifesting power to reach your goals. 

Who are you?

Find the answers to your questions thanks to the guidance of our intuitive guides.

We offer a call to understand if this is for you 




The programs are of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months length.

You can unstuck yourself and feel free. 

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